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Monthly Events & Annual Events

Monthly Events

Birthday Party
We hold a birthday party once a month. We celebrate with songs, refreshments and presents.

Cooking Day
We have a cooking day once a month and the children help by doing jobs according to their age (for example, cutting, mixing, peeling and beating). The spirit of independence is nurtured in this way.

Open Class
Observers are invited to school lessons on the last day of the month. Please come along and watch the children play and interact with each other and communicate in English.

Open School
We show a typical day at the nursery, throw a lunch party and hold a meeting with parents. You are welcome to join us!

Annual Events

January New Years

February Valentine’s Day, Bean-throwing party

March Doll Festival, Graduation, Spring Intensive Course

April Entrance Day

May Children’s Day, Mother’s Day, Field Day (for the Bilingual Course)

June Father’s Day

July Start of Summer Intensive Course

August End of Summer Intensive Course

September Finish of swimming season. Closing of the pool.

October Family Day (Please come along and enjoy this day with your family.)

November Halloween Party

December Christmas, Winter Vacation

We try to choose enjoyable events that are major events in Western and Japanese calendars.

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