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Features of Sun Valley International School

Point 1   An completely natural environment

There is plenty of nature at Sun Valley as it is set amidst a forest. There is also a sheep ( Mary, our vice-principal) who grazes daily in the garden. From early summer children can see young leaves sprouting up. In mid summer they listen to cicadas & catch beetles, frogs & dragonflies. In autumn they see autumn leaves in the school garden. When winter comes, they can enjoy snowball fights in the snow-covered garden. Here ,children develop their natural sensitivity in an environment where they can feel and experience the four seasons with their whole bodies.

Point 2   Balanced Development

In addition to increasing their English ability, children build strength by running in the spacious school garden. They cultivate a love and a sensitivity for music & a feeling for rhythm during Singing & Dancing Time. In addition, they develop their survival skills by playing in the school garden brimming with nature. We have moral education classes and teach them “ things important for being a person”and “things to keep in mind as a person” that will nurture a good and happy heart.

Point 3   Child-care That Caters To Each Child

Children have different personalities. We value the individual personality of each child and provide child-care which is suited for each child. We communicate with children to understand their issues and to face them. Thus building a strong sense of mutual trust, to raise children who “have self-esteem and like themselves”.

Point 4   Support to Parents with Child-Care

Sun Valley tries to provide you with not only nursing but also support for your child-care. Our director serves as a committeeperson for the “Society for Promoting Parents Education” and is a member of the“Parents Education Society”. “Parents Education Society” is about helping educate parents and would-be parents on raising children. Our school holds various seminars on child-care and parent/teacher meetings to help resolve worries and questions about child-care. We are a school where children, parents and teachers grow together.

Point 5  School Where Children Can Be Happy Every Day

Children here are able to do calculations that look difficult at first glance and speak English with ease. This is because they do not consider studying as studying but as a kind of game and thus they enjoy it. When you are excited about learning, you can absorb an astonishingly large number of things. Our study method makes the most of the “power to enjoy” (which is innate in everyone), so children acquire knowledge without stress. During free time, children use their bodies with all their might in the spacious school garden. Then having expended lots of energy, during lesson time they enjoy studying. Everybody can be excited and thrilled at Sun Valley International School. We aim to be the school where children feel free to release themselves.

Sun Valley International School, 1-2-13 Hasikadai, Narita City Chiba Prefecture 286-0037 , phone 0476-27-6796, fax 0476-27-8238

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