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The opening of Sun Valley International School

Based on Sun Valley Language School with an English education background of more than 25 years in teaching, we have opened the first epoch- making international school in Narita, here we provide for the “nursing of children in English”.
We started with just two children, and we have come this far by trying to understand the uniqueness of each child and to talk openly and frankly with parents for the benefit of their children.
Whether Japanese children are really happy is now being questioned and so we started thinking about the education of small children and the importance of infancy. That was our start.

We think two of the most important things to give to children in their infancy, (when children grow so rapidly) are, “ to give them various experiences and an environment surrounded by nature”.
Now is the time when it is difficult to get along in the world if we cannot speak English. English is in fact an effective tool to live with. However, children are too young, and it is essential for them to learn the principles needed for living as a person. They are in the most impressionable stage where they can acquire these.
Therefore, our English nursing is in an environment where they can live amongst the natural forests, and we can provide them with peace of mind and excitement, a dream and creative power.

If we only wanted to give an English education to children, then the Yellow Sun Valley building in Hashigadai was enough for that. However, we thought it more necessary, when providing English education, to nurture the original landscape of life and to create an environment where each child can be happy every day in his/her irreplaceable and irretrievable infant years.

If we distort the development of children for the sake of English (which is not necessary for them now but will be in the future) it is nothing less than the destruction of their lives. By the time we notice it, after they grow up, it is too late. Parents should be especially aware of this fact in the infancy of their children.
Our school is making efforts every day to let the children feel fine, happy and satisfied every day. This makes them feel at ease with speaking, hearing, writing, reading and living in English.

Let us warn you that it is very dangerous to give English nursing without Also having an environment and a method to relieve the stress brought about by living in English, because it is the “infants” that are forced to live in English.
College students, high school students, or even elementary school students, when feeling displeased or suspicious, can make their parents or people around them aware of any danger and mistakes by telling them about their feelings.
However, it is very difficult for children to do that , because they do not have this ability to communicate.

We hope you understand that in Japan you cannot learn to speak English only by living surrounded by English for a long time.
In order to acquire an effective English ability in childhood, an English teaching method for children, that understands children correctly, is essential.
Sun Valley International School, was created based on the know-how built after a long period of 25 years with Sun Valley Language School.
As such we can give effective and practical lessons and nursing unrivalled by any other institution. We hope you realize this and trust us to take care of your precious children.

Let's be Sun Valley friends!

Intrpduction of: Representatives of Sun Valley Language School

Hiroaki Yokota
Educational background:
Graduated from California State Napa College and California State University in the U.S. Studied in the U.S. for four years
Representative of Sun Valley Language School and
Principal of Narita Japanese School
♦ Outside Sports instructor of the Narita School Board
Appointed by the Narita School Board, he was a volunteer outside instructor
(coach) of the athletics club of Tamatsukuri Junior High School in Narita City
for seven years.
♦Founder and Leader of Narita Runners High (Soyukai)
Hiroaki founded Soyukai with a membership of 65 people, and has been the leader for the past 12 years He organizes races in the city (Narita City Cross Country Race) every year. The race is ten years old this year and parts of the participation fee are donated to the Narita City Welfare Council.
♦Accomplishments: Cross Country Charity Run (3,372 km)
Hiroaki ran a marathon charity race in order to raise funds for the house of “Inba school”, a facility for the disabled (which is located to the next of Narita City) which had become obsolete and needed to be fixed. He ran alone for about 3,372 km from Okinawa, Kyushu, Shikoku, Honshu to Hokkaido and collected about 9,700,000 yen, which he contributed to the facility for rebuilding.

He began competing in triathlons ten years ago and was the champion of the Tokyo Island series for five consecutive years. With this background and experience, he jogs and does exercises every day with the children (at Sun Valley International School) in order to enhance their minds and bodies. He also creates various opportunities for the children to experience cooking with fire and to go camping.

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