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  • Real Bilingual Education that Develops the “Heart, Intellect, and Body”

    Children come in contact with English effortlessly, amidst nature in the international city, Narita.
    “Real nature”, “a genuine sheep”, “real English education with native English speakers, “authentic childcare people who understand children’s minds”. Sun Valley aims at everything being authentic.
    Sun Valley lays an emphasis not only on the promotion of English ability but also on the formation of children’s characters.
    In addition to English ability, we encourage an international mindset to be active in an international arena, whilst nurturing the human heart and spirit.
    By coming into contact with plenty of nature, and thru the teaching of various curricula and moral education, we foster a good balance between the “heart, intellect, and body”.

    Real Bilingual Education that Develops the “Heart, Intellect, and Body”

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    Features of Sun Valley International School

    Point 1   An completely natural environment Point 2   Balanced Development Point 3   Child-care That Caters To Each Child Point 4   Support to Parents with Child-Care Point 5  School Where Children Can Be Happy Every Day
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