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Saturday English Club

Sun Valley International School is introducing its "Saturday English Club." This is a new course designed to foster children “who can communicate in English,” by immersing them in 5 hours of English every Saturday.
( Home study is essential, because the lessons are once a week.)

These lessons are not the usual "standard English lessons," for they are designed to enable children to “learn in English”.

The lesson are centered around themes from everyday life, which are relevant even to beginners. Many parents may be unsatisfied that their children have not made the desired progress in the beginners course. We have started this Saturday English Club in response to their dissatisfaction. We try to guide your children towards:

Saturday English Club
  • Having ears which can hear/listen/comprehend English

  • Absorbing as much English as possible.

  • Learning a lot of English sentences.

  • Speaking a lot of English

1By being immersed in English for a full five hours in a day, children gradually develop a brain for English.Our study method is a very direct method, ie studying English solely in English. Another objective of the Saturday English Club is to teach children moral values, manners, and how to observe rules.As well as teaching them to aquire their own sense of how to fit into society.

Sun Valley International School thinks by acquiring social skills/ awareness, people can use their abilities to the fullest and in turn a sense of wisdom will be developed. These people of wisdom and strong human power will be needed in the future. Fostering the development of such people as these, is yet another objective of the Saturday English Club. The Saturday English Club creates children “who have their own opinion and who can use English as well as Japanese”.

Saturday English Club

Saturday 10:00 ~ 15:00
For 6- year to 12- year- olds

Please call during office hours and we will be happy to answer all your questions.

Sun Valley International School, 1-2-13 Hasikadai, Narita City Chiba Prefecture 286-0037 , phone 0476-27-6796, fax 0476-27-8238

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